Visualizer 3D Studio Documentation

Preferences: Visualization Settings

This section describes the Visualization Settings of the Preferences Dialog.

Importing Scan Data from Detector

The software provides the data import of several OKM detectors. Learn more about importing the scan data and adjusting the individual settings.

Wireless Data Import via Bluetooth

This section explains how to complete your data import with Bluetooth driven OKM Detectors.

Wired Data Import via USB Cable

This section explains how to complete your data import with USB Cable driven OKM Detectors.

Analyzing and Editing 3D Scan Images

3D Analysis: Soil Types

Selecting the correct soil type is important to determine the correct depth of potential targets. In Visualizer 3D Studio you can define individual soil types to match the scan area perfectly.

3D Analysis: Scan Information / Characteristics

Adding as much information as possible is very important for any scan evaluation. This section explains all the details about what kind of information to add.

3D Analysis: Bookmarks

This section explains the concept of bookmarks, that can be used to include additional information into your scan images. Thus, you can mark certain measuring points to hightlight potential anomalies or add special notes to your scans.

3D Analysis: Modifiers

This section explains the usage of Modifiers to improve and optimize the recorded scan data of your measurements.

3D Analysis: Visualization