Ancient coins found in the Eastern Mediterranean with eXp 4500

November 08, 2016

With his eXp 4500 a successful treasure hunter and OKM customer located numerous coins which date back to the 15th century. After repeated measurements in Ground Scan mode and subsequent analysis in the software Visualizer 3D, he found the treasure buried in 1.70 meters depth. According to the finder the coins originate from the period when Sultan Mehmed Han II ruled.

Sultan Mehmed Han II was the seventh sultan of the Ottoman Empire and conquered Constantinople in May 1453 which meant the end of the Byzantine Empire. In the cities, particularly in Constantinople, Mehmed II improved the economic conditions for craftsmen and traders. New market rules on bazaars strengthened the economy and so the public revenue. Furthermore he introduced the Altun and so created the first secular islamic gold coin. It no longer had religious phrases and quickly became a very popular trade coin in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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