Treasure Reward Program

Are you a user of OKM metal detectors, ground scanners or geophysical instruments and have a treasure story? Share your success story with OKM by using the online form below (or via e-mail).

Get rewarded for sharing your success stories! Share your experience with OKM detectors, share pictures of your treasure finds or tell us more about your projects and discoveries! Sharing your projects may also help you find volunteers, partners or donors worldwide.

How To Get Your Reward

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Share photos and videos of your find.

Treasure Reward


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How deep did you find it? Which OKM detector did you use?

Treasure Reward


Receive your reward after publication of the blog post by OKM.

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Service extension including technical support, detector training and more. More details

Reward for your Treasure Story


2 h instructions with your OKM detector. More details

Reward for your Treasure Story


2 additional Activation Codes and 2 Scan Analyses for Visualizer 3D Studio.
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Reward for your Treasure Story


Upgrade to Visualizer 3D Studio Professional Edition.
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Reward for your Treasure Story


Get 20% discount* on your next purchase of OKM detectors
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Share Your Treasure Hunting Story

Success Stories prove the capabilities of OKM Detectors.

Please include pictures (.jpg or .png), scan images (.v3d or .v3ds) and any additional information you would like to share with other treasure hunters.

Submitted treasure stories will be published anonymously: neither names nor places will be mentioned, if not explicitly requested.

Roman Siliqua silver coin (Constantinus III 407-411) found with OKM detector Pulse Nova
November 11, 2022

Roman Siliqua Silver Coin Found with OKM's PI Detector

Treasure hunters detected with the OKM Pulse Nova this small Siliqua silver coin from the Roman Imperial period (Constantinus III ...

Gold jewelry uncovered with OKM Evolution in 175 cm (5.75 ft) depth
October 25, 2022

Golden Jewelry Found with OKM Evolution in the Near East

A treasure hunter tells about his hobby of treasure hunting in the Near East and his first big find, which ...

eXp 6000 Treasure Find Collection in Turkey
January 15, 2021

eXp 6000 Treasure Find Collection in Turkey

Coins, sculptures, jewelry and further artifacts were discovered with OKM eXp 6000 in Anatolia, Turkey. The artifacts can be dated ...

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