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Treasure Reward Program

Get rewarded for your treasure finds and discoveries!


How it works

  1. Send us photos and videos of your find.
  2. Include information: How deep did you find it? Which OKM detector did you use?
  3. Select your reward.
  4. Receive your reward after publication of the blog post by OKM.


Select Your Reward

  • OKM CARE: Service extension including priority support, detector training and much more.
  • OKM TRAINING: Basic instructions and advanced practice with your OKM detector.
  • SOFTWARE PACK: Additional Activation Codes and Scan Analyses for Visualizer 3D.
  • SOFTWARE UPGRADE: Upgrade to Visualizer 3D Studio Professional Edition.
  • MERCHANDISE: Become OKM brand ambassador: Merchandise compiled in a fan pack.
  • 20% DISCOUNT: Save 20% on OKM detectors*.


Share your Treaure Hunting Story

* Discount does not apply to OKM services and accessories.