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New historical findings in Syria

April 16, 2010

Once again customers from the Middle East area informed us about new finds with their treasure detector eXp 4000. The precious ancient artifacts have been excavated in Syria. These very special targets were hidden about 1,20 m in the underground. The measurements with eXp 4000 Ground Scan mode have been confirmed before digging with the DDV system (visual metal detector system with metal discrimination).

Copper Plate Syria W0 I391
The copper plate which has been detected in Syria.
Bronze Statue W0 I390
The bronze statue metal detected with OKM ground scanner eXp 4000.

The following excavations brought to light this beautiful copper plate of undefined age and value. The plate has a diameter of about 22 cm. The relief decoration on the front side shows a woman. Its meaning or the former usage of this copperplate is not yet assessed.

Also the awe-inspiring bronze statue was located in Syria with the eXp 4000 ground scanner. The statue is quite heavy and has a height of 45 cm. Both artifacts are of undefined high value and are from former ages (exact age unknown).