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16 kg coins made of copper and gold detected in Maghreb area

August 26, 2009

One of our customers from Maghreb in North Africa reported about his successful treasure hunt. He was using the 3D metal detector and ground scanner eXp 3000, the predecessor of the earth imager eXp 4000, when he located some anomalies inside the underground. The customer was searching in very uneven ground and therefore  used the 25 cm GPR probe of his geophysical phase reader to obtain accurate detecting results.

Gold Coins Maghreb Full
Some of the located coins from Maghreb in North Africa.

After determining the accurate position and depth by using the 3D metal detector, the located anomaly was confirmed by several control scans. Finally he started to dig and found about 16 kg precious coins. Those coins, probably a mixture of copper and gold, are priceless. Each coin has a diameter of approx. 2 cm and weights about 1.3 grams. Up to now this gold treasure find could not be matched to any epoch of history.

The treasure hunter from Maghreb was thankful for the purchase of this successful treasure hunting equipment eXp 3000 and will continue his search near to the place of this treasure find.