Updating Software and Apps

Will I be informed about new software updates?

Where do I find and how do I install software updates?

What has been changed with the last update?

Where do I find and how do I install app updates?

Many OKM detectors are controlled via an Android App and use the Visualizer 3D Studio software for scan optimization and evaluation. Both the software and the apps are regularly updated to add new functions and to improve the performance.

Update Notification in Visualizer 3D Studio

As soon as you open Visualizer 3D Studio, you will be notified about available updates (if this function has not been disabled). Alternatively, select Help › Check for Updates in the Main Menu. Here you can manually check if a new software update is available.

Visualizer 3D Studio Changelog

You can find the list of updates in the online documentation: Select entry Changelog.

Android App Updates

Open the detector app on your Android smartphone (or Smartwatch) and select Settings › Update App from the menu. Alternatively, you can find the updates in the Information menu: Tap the menu icon (three dots) in the top right-hand corner and select Check for Update.

The app will guide you automatically through the update process. For more information, please refer to the corresponding Manual. If you encounter technical difficulties installing the app, please contact your dealer.

Recent OKM App Updates

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