Version 3.1.2
  • Added Color Range Filter for Ground Scans, GPR and Geoelectric measurements
  • Added Set crosshairs via mouse picking for GPR and Geoelectric measurements
  • Changed Optimized color filtering
  • Fixed Soil Type assignment for GPR files (*.gpr and *.nx)
Version 3.1.1
  • Added CSV export for Ground Scans, GPR data and Geoelectric measurements
  • Added Tooltip with additional details for Soil Types
  • Changed Optimized general rendering algorithm
  • Changed Optimized visual styles
  • Changed Documentation (added CSV export information)
  • Fixed Volumetric display for GeoSeeker measurements (single measurement)
  • Fixed Several minor bugs removed
Version 3.1.0
  • Fixed Software Activation
  • Added Gepard GPR and GeoSeeker scans (*.gpr, *.nx, *.geo)
  • Added Volumetric rendering for Gepard GPR and GeoSeeker scans
  • Added Additional soil types and color schemes
  • Added Additional measurement properties (Meta Data)
  • Added Adaptive crosshairs
  • Changed Documentation / Help
  • Fixed Correction of several bugs
Version 3.0.16
  • Added Operating mode Thermo Scan
  • Fixed Refreshing scan information after soil type change
  • Fixed Scan information data for Mineral Scan
Version 3.0.15
  • Fixed Connection issue for Bluetooth LE devices
  • Changed Updated documentation (English)
Version 3.0.14
  • Integration of new Rover UC functionalities
  • Optimized sound output for Fusion Pro and Fusion Pro Plus
  • Fixed initial scan view orientation
  • Updated translations
Version 3.0.13
  • Updated documentation (English)
  • Integration of System Information (for better OKM Support)
  • Optimized transformation view while scanning
  • Fixed display error in Activation dialog
  • Fixed PDF Report (expression issue)
  • Fixed Characteristics dialog (position issue)
  • Fixed menu icons
  • Fixed zoom operation for touch screens
  • Fixed minor bugs
Version 3.0.12
  • Integration of context-sensitive documentation (English)
Version 3.0.11

ATTENTION: You need to re-activate your software after running this update! Therefore we added 1 (one) free activation code to your Software Key.

  • Fixed saving files (when embedding soil images)
  • Integration of new devices with Bluetooth LE
  • Fixed some translations issues
  • Fixed several minor errors
Version 3.0.10
  • Fixed some translation issues
  • Fixed example file
Version 3.0.9
  • Added new languages
  • Checked and fixed data transfer of all detectors
  • Fixed many bugs and errors
  • Added optimized scan examples
Version 3.0.8
  • Integration of RTL language support
  • Fixed text alignment for different language sizes
  • Completed USDA soil type integration
  • Added Arabic translations
  • Added new "General Information" box at Scan Information
  • Removed status bar in Characteristics dialog
  • Fixed icon mapping
Version 3.0.7
  • Added new translation terms
  • Added new visibility icons for Modifiers
  • Fixed Modifier translations
  • Fixed error in UV coords (file format)
  • Added new Upgrade Dialog for Standard Edition
  • Added new Activation Pack Dialog
  • Restricted Scan Overlay to Professional Edition only
  • Restricted USDA Soil Types to Professional Edition only
Version 3.0.6
  • Fixed data transfer issues
  • Completed standard OKM soil type textures
  • Fixed Online Activation
  • Inclusion of English + German Translation Files
  • Technical integration of translations
Version 3.0.5
  • Reorganized icon sets + added disabled icons
  • Integration of first OKM soil textures (sand, gravel, loam, ...)
  • Fixed soil type management
  • Added Texture Scale for Soil Surface Texture
  • Added depth calculation for new soil parameters
  • Reorganized Characteristics and Import Dialog
  • Fixed loading issue for language file (temporary)
  • Fixed bookmark scale issue
  • Fixed online update issues
Version 3.0.4
  • Added soil type import from *.v3ds files
  • Added file change detection when adding/editing bookmarks
  • Fixed confirmation dialog (characteristics + save)
  • Added Quick Folder Change to Save Dialog / Export Dialog
  • Added file association and icon for *.v3ds files
  • Removed Editing of Modifier configuration
  • Removed Modifier configuration for Interpolation
  • Fixed spacing issue in main menu
  • Fixed Splashscreen font color and transparency
Version 3.0.3
  • Fixed saving non-existing files
  • Fixed preferences dialog
  • Added changelog-file for online update
Version 3.0.2
  • Added saving and loading *.v3ds files
  • Soil Types: Image assignment corrected
  • Bookmarks redesigned
  • License Management revised
Version 3.0.1
  • Added bookmark management