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Treasure chests and troves can be detected with OKM 3D Ground Scanners

Treasure chests

Treasure chests are, in a certain sense, hollow spaces in which treasure hunters can find valuables.
14. Mai 2020


Gewölbe sind geschwungene symmetrische Baukörper unter Brücken, Dächern oder Mauern. Diese alten Gebäudestrukturen enthalten oft Artefakte und wertvolle Schätze, die ...
14. Mai 2020
Detect galleries and voids with OKM ground scanners


Galleries and corridors provide an indication of the discovered type of building and allow suggestions about the position of interesting ...
14. Mai 2020
Treasure troves and chambers can be detected with OKM 3D Ground Scanners

Treasure trove

➤ Treasure troves supply a collection or store of valuable objects. Whether in castles and palaces or within the walls ...
14. Mai 2020


➤ Mines are areas excavated for extracting coal or other valuable minerals such as gold or diamonds. Just like natural ...
14. Mai 2020
Burial chambers

Burial chambers

➤ Burial chambers are final resting places for dignitaries where great treasures are supposed to be buried beside the deceased. ...
14. Mai 2020
Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns

➤ Ghost towns are abandoned, uninhabited settlements. Typical ghost settlements consist of slowly decaying buildings. In the deserted places, numerous ...
14. Mai 2020
Explore Lost Places with OKM Ground Scanners

Lost Places

Entdecken Sie die Faszination historischer Stätten.
23. April 2020
Treasure hunter with OKM's undercover detector

Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting means more than just digging up gold treasures, silver coins and ancient artifacts. Become part of the great ...
01. November 2019
gold panning and gold detection with treasure hunting equipment

Goldwaschen, eine traditionelle Methode der Goldgewinnung

Das Goldwaschen ist eine traditionelle Technik der Goldgewinnung, die viele Goldsucher, Prospektoren und Goldgräber nutzen um Gold aus dem Boden ...
26. April 2017