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eXp 3000 discovered bullions of the Guerillas

November 19, 2005

After a long time of research for treasures in the greek mountains, the hobby detectorist Mr. Vulgaris and his partner made the finding they were hoping for since a long time. They found a wooden chest filled up with several gold bars. The indication on the box "Deutsche Luftwaffe" let assume that the find is most probably part of the lost Guerilla Gold.

During World War II there were two main alliances of guerillas in Greece - the ELAS and EDES. Both groups has been supplied with clothing, arms and munitions and food by the British. Due to the rivalry between the monarchic EDES and the communistic ELAS heavy fights started in 1943 between these two greek guerilla alliances. This crisis has been used by the German militaries to start a large counterplot against both groups. After that the EDES has nearly collapsed completely and started to negotiate with the German. To battle against the ELAS they has been supported with weapons, clothes, gadgets as well as money and gold.

Gold Bullions Greece
Gold Bullions Greece: Gold bars discovered by greek treasure hunters using the metal detector eXp 3000
Gold Bars Greece Graphic
Gold Bars Greece Graphic: Graphical representation of the found as received from the greek customer

After detecting with common metal detectors without much success, the small team decided to invest in a professional 3D deep ground scanner eXp 3000, from which Mr. Vulgaris had heard about from other greek treasure hunters.

Step by step the impassable terrain has been explored with the eXp 3000 and a three-dimensional graphic of the underground surface has been created. Than the device showed a larger anomaly at a depth of 4,50 m, which pointed to a metal target.

Understandably Mr. Vulgaris do not want to give more information about the place of discovery and the total value of the gold bars. Since last year he is owner of the succeeding model eXp 4000 and is planning to continue his research at this place soon.

Media and press reported about this impressive finding, like for example the American treasure hunting magazine "Lost Treasure". Read more ...