Exclusive Service for Globetrotters: Delivery to the Gangway

August 18, 2021

Anyone traveling on a luxury cruise ship has many opportunities to discover foreign countries and new interests. This is what happened on board of the MS Amadea, known from German TV as "Das Traumschiff" (Love Boat): Attracted by the various cultural destinations that the mobile hotel visits, it is only a matter of time for passengers or crew members to start searching for the riches of mankind. Thus, this customer's desire for a professional metal detector grew more and more.

Exclusive Service: Personal Delivery to the Gangway

The decision was clear: It finally had to be an OKM 3D ground scanner! After comprehensive consultation, the treasure hunter decided on the metal detector OKM Fusion Light. Thanks to its compact dimensions and simple operation, the ground scanner is ideal for globetrotters.

A visit directly to the detector manufacturer OKM in Altenburg, Germany was planned as an excursion destination, but time didn't allow the treasure hunter to visit OKM. So he contected one of the closest official OKM dealers with his special request. Martin Meier from Detector Center Germany in Rodenberg, about 200 km away from the current location of the MS Amadea in Bremerhaven, immediately complied with the request and delivered the desired detector in person at the cruise ship.

The cruise liner MS Amadea in the port of Bremerhaven
The cruise liner MS Amadea in the port of Bremerhaven
OKM Service: Personal handover of a detector to its new owner
Detector delivery in front of the cruise ship: Martin Meier with the treasure hunter

Setting Sail for Special Adventures

Since 2015, the luxurious cruise ship MS Amadea has been traveling around the globe as a TV set, heading for extraordinary vacation destinations all over the world. With a spa and fitness area, on-board boutique, promenade, discotheque, bar, entertainment programs and language courses, an eventful on-board life is guaranteed. But once the "First Lady" of the seas has docked, the great adventure begins.

The MS Amadea takes its guests to countries with breathtaking landscapes and fascinating cultures. With the right equipment, the adventurous experiences now also include promising treasure hunts.

Further OKM Detector goes on a world tour
Now on board: The OKM Detector Fusion Light goes on a very special world tour

Discover the riches of mankind

As soon as the ship docks in the port, experienced treasure hunters examine the beaches, which already hold small treasures such as coins and jewelry. Hidden among the contemporary finds, however, are also historical relics, such as old gold coins that were once part of a great pirate's booty and were finally washed ashore after centuries and are now waiting on the sandy beach to be discovered by treasure hunters.

Even when cruising the world's oceans, stories of sunken shipwrecks fuel hopes of the great find: It would be fascinating to discover a sunken pirate ship with rich booty on board. Offshore and inside the country, great treasures and riches are waiting to be discovered: buried burial chambers, secret passages under temple ruins or treasure hiding places in caves or abandoned places.

The MS Amadea is a cruise ship well known from German television. Since 2015, it has been the main filming location for the ZDF series "Das Traumschiff," which once began as an adaptation of the US series "Love Boat." Find out where the MS Amadea is currently cruising!

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