Rover C4 Control Unit Redesigned

June 15, 2021
YouTube Video

In this clip we invite you to catch a glimpse of the redesigned Control Unit of our Rover C4. We improved the ergonomics and with the newly integrated battery the C4 is very easy to handle. The C4 comes with four Modes, Magnetometer, 3D Ground Scan, Mineral Scan and Pinpointer, which are perfect for treasure hunting. Especially the Mineral Scan is very useful if you want to find natural mineral sources. Explore our new improved Rover C4 now!

A Can is scanned by the Rover C4

Rover C4 Quick Tutorial Magnetometer

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Rover C4 Quick Tutorial 3D Ground Scan

Rover C4 Quick Tutorial 3D Ground Scan

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Presentation video of the OKM Rover C4

Rover C4 Presentation + Quick Test

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