OKM Featured in TV Show Fernsehzimmer

September 04, 2023

Interview with a Hidden Champion

OKM has developed into a leading company in the high-tech industry. TV show host Daniel Ebert is convinced that this is an exciting story and thus invited OKM Managing Director Stephan Grund to join him on the show. Together they talked one hour about treasure hunting, OKM's innovations and the greatest finds.

OKM live in the TV program TV room
Before the show: The cameras are ready, the light is perfect. All that's missing are the main actors of the show.
OKM live in the TV program TV Room

With his targeted questions and plenty of charm and humor, moderator Daniel Ebert got one or two exclusive pieces of insider information from the CEO.

Of course, in the live broadcast, not only are the detectors and finds talked about, but the coveted objects are also closely examined. First, however, it was clarified what the recently acquired title of Hidden Champion is all about.

OKM live in the TV program TV room
Stephan Grund presents the entry-level detector OKM Pulse Nova.
OKM live in the TV program TV room
The absolute professional detector from OKM is the eXp 6000. The control unit directly displays the scan result as a 3D graphic.
OKM live in the TV program TV room
Host Daniel Ebert is impressed by the perfectly camouflaged treasure detector Rover UC.

With presentation of the entry-level detector Pulse Nova, the high-end 3D ground scanner eXp 6000 and the best camouflaged metal detector Rover UC, the detectors themselves took center stage. The devices fascinated the audience with their unusual beeping sounds and also directly captivated the host. After numerous impressive treasure trove stories and the presentation of the latest gold find, you would have assumed that host Daniel Ebert has been caught by the treasure hunting fever.

Daniel Ebert - host of the show

Presenter Daniel Ebert is a Thuringian cabaret artist and entertainer. His humorous, thoughtful, but also surprising and opinionated performances can be followed in various formats such as LandesWelle Thüringen, "Nonsenf des Tages" and "Fernsehzimmer". He is one of the nominees for the German Radio Award 2023 in the category of Best Entertainment.

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