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Detector Paraguay
October 30, 2023

Detector Paraguay

Detector Paraguay: Your Gateway to South American Metal Detecting Adventures. Explore history, receive expert guidance, and experience multilingual support at ...

Orient Detectors
September 19, 2023

Orient Detectors

Orient Detectors is a reputable dealer and supplier of high-quality detectors and geological equipment based in Istanbul, Turkey. Since its ...

Destination Gold Detectors @OKM Americas Dealer Summit 2023
September 13, 2023

Destination Gold Detectors

Explore high-quality metal detectors & accessories at Destination Gold Detectors. Official OKM distributor for treasure hunters & hobby archaeologists. Start ...

The Showroom of Treasure Coast Metal Detectors
September 12, 2023

Treasure Coast Metal Detectors

Treasure Coast Metal Detectors is your go-to partner for professional treasure hunting on the East Coast of America. The location is ...

Le Fouilleur - largest detector shop in France - becomes official OKM partner in 2021
May 20, 2022

La Boutique du Fouilleur

Explore the largest and most famous metal detector store in France: La Boutique du Fouilleur is the flagship of treasure ...

OKM Distributor Golden Detector Company
November 20, 2020

Golden Detector Company

Golden Detector is your metal detector distributor in the Middle East, specialized in geological tools and digital precision technology for ...

K. VARDAKA Metal Detectors
August 28, 2020

K. VARDAKA Metal Detectors

K. VARDAKA Metal Detectors is a modern metal detector store with more than 30 years experience in advising treasure hunters: ...

DCG Detector Center Germany
August 21, 2020

DCG Detector Center Germany

The man behind DCG is a passionate treasure hunter who turned his hobby into his profession: Martin Meier came to ...

OKM Peru | Serperuano.com SAC
July 28, 2020

OKM Peru | Serperuano.com SAC

Serperuano.com is an experienced distributor for treasure hunters, archaeologists, professionals, armed forces, hydrologers and geologists in Latin America. The expert ...

Anhui Heysung Technology Co. Ltd
July 24, 2020

Anhui Heysung Technology Co. Ltd

Anhui Heysung Technology is an excellent hub for treasure hunters, archaeologists and geotechnical engineers in China. Always with its values ...

July 17, 2020


Jin-Bomb Enterprise has more than 25 years experience in science and technology. The company is well known throughout industrial fields ...

Detector Power - Official OKM dealer in Florida, USA
July 10, 2020

Detector Power

Detector Power is your shop for metal detection, adventure and outdoor sports in Florida with passion for finding pieces and ...

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