Anhui Heysung Technology Co. Ltd

Building 7 Renhe Keji Yuan No.87 Road Yangqiao
ShuShan District City Anhui Prov
Hefei 230031

Anhui Heysung Technology is an excellent hub for treasure hunters, archaeologists and geotechnical engineers in China. Always with its values in mind, the company relies on technical know-how and the commitment to provide best service and support.

  • Service in English and Chinese
  • Showroom
  • Consultation
  • Detector instruction and training
  • Scan Analysis
  • Test area

Distribution Network

Founded in 2005, Anhui Heysung Technology has its roots in the security technology industry. With its new focus on treasure and metal detectors, the company achieved additional outstanding success. A visit to OKM Germany finally laid the foundation for our business partnership: Anhui Heysung Technology is official OKM distributor in China since 2012.

How Anhui Heysung Technology became a Successful Detector Distributor

Anhui Heysung Technology was founded in 2005 as Hefei Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. in Hefei, the capital of Anhui province. The company has its roots in the security industry but shifted its focus more and more towards detectors. In 2010, the sales of metal detectors exceeded 3.000 units. Since then Anhui Heysung Technology became distributor of various metal detector manufacturers, including OKM. In 2015, the DaCheng Taobao Store was officially launched.

Expertise in All Aspects

The company stands for the values team work, responsibility, credibility, high efficiency and professionalism. With its impressive team size of 150, Anhui Heysung Technology can guarantee fast and comprehensive services and support in all aspects.

Thanks to its expertise, the distributor of various metal detectors is an excellent hub for customers in China: Treasure hunters, industries and enterprises as well as archaeologists trust in the advice that goes beyond product sales. Technical support, training and instrucions on how to use a detector are also part of the company's range of services.


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