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RCN Television Colombia on a paranormal expedition to the „Door of Gods“

September 22, 2017

During his fourth expedition to „Peña de Juaica“, a sacred mountain between the communities of Tabio and Tenjo in Colombia, the anchorman of RCN, Mr. Rafa Taibo, had professional support provided by the local OKM dealer SERCOLOMBIANO.COM S.A.S.

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With the 3D ground scanner Evolution in his luggage, the specialist for OKM detectors, Enrique Toscano, became part of the paranormal expedition to the mysterious rock of Juaica. The goal of this expedition was the detection of tunnels and caves. The belief of the aborigines is that the spirits of the ancestors still guard all the hidden treasures of the sacred mountain. After arrival at the area under investigation in the national park, the anchorman explained how to find the so called „Door of Gods“. Now the specialist Enrique Toscano took the geophysical measuring device Evolution. While he was doing several ground scans, Mr. Rafa Taibo explained the proceedings to the viewers.
Analysis with Visualizer 3D
Analysis with Visualizer 3D: Enrique Toscano evaluates the measured data of the Evolution with software Visualizer 3D.
Graphical representation of measured data
Graphical representation of measured data: The blue coloring indicates subterranean caves and tunnels.
After the measurement, the data were evaluated on site using the Visualizer 3D analysis software on the Windows laptop. In addition to the expected cavities, there were clear signals of metal objects, too. However, their recovery is not permitted as it is a cultural heritage. However, access to the cavities was important for the success of the expedition. With the software Visualizer 3D it was easy for Enrique Toscano to analyze the cavities clearly recognizable as BLUE. With the knowledge of the position and size of the tunnels and cavities, the next step could be tackled - the uncovering of the access.
OKM paranormal expedition
The anchorman Rafa Taibo of RCN TV, one of the most important TV stations in Colombia, with a technician from the OKM dealer Sercolumbiano S.A.S.
OKM paranormal expedition
The customer consultant Carolina Navarro of Sercolumbiano S.A.S with the presenter Rafa Taibo.
This was the first known use of the 3D ground scanner Evolution in a paranormal expedition, but due to the successful results it won't be the last.