1st OKM Dealer Summit in Charlotte, North Carolina

July 20, 2023
1st OKM Dealer Summit in Charlotte, NC (USA)
Mark Harris, VP Sales/Operations of OKM Americas, Inc., has all OKM detectors in stock.

The official announcement of its newest subsidiary, OKM Americas, and the first OKM Dealer Summit marked a significant milestone to cater to the growing demand in the Americas continents. The event brought together ten dedicated and passionate individuals from various regions of North and Latin America. The attendees were selected as authorized dealers, chosen for their expertise and fervor for the OKM brand. The summit provided an opportunity to undergo comprehensive training on OKM's state-of-the-art technology and advanced devices. It was the first time in the company's 25-year history that such a specialized training had been conducted on the US continent.

The impressive showroom, showcasing a stunning display of the latest detectors, exceeded the attendees' expectations and invited them to explore, examine, and test the groundbreaking technologies firsthand. The establishment of the showroom, along with customer and dealer services, sales consultations, and a well-stocked warehouse, demonstrated OKM's commitment to delivering unmatched support and service to its clientele.

Meeting the Team Behind the OKM Brand

Mark Harris, VP Sales/Operations of OKM Americas, Inc., with his characteristic charisma and genuine passion for the industry, officially inaugurated the event with a heartfelt speech, expressing gratitude to all attendees for their engagement and continuous support in making OKM Detectors a global leader in the field of metal detection. He emphasized OKM's dedication to innovation and its relentless pursuit of excellence in creating top-tier metal detectors that have set new benchmarks in the industry.

Intensive workshops, seminars, and hands-on training sessions ensured that the participants gained a profound understanding of the company's groundbreaking technology. Additionally, the attendees had the chance to explore and experiment with each device under the expert guidance of OKM's technical specialists and gained insights into the professional 3D software by OKM also including the new features of the most recent update. This allows the dealers to utilize the detectors more efficiently and unleash their full potential.

1st OKM Dealer Summit in Charlotte, NC (USA)
Mark explains OKM sensor technology, the basics for Ground Scans, and Visualizer 3D Studio including the new features of the latest update.

Fostering Collaborative Spirit

Beyond the technical training and lively discussions, the summit fostered a genuine sense of belonging to the extended OKM family. The dealers experienced firsthand the dedication of the OKM Americas team, whose commitment to customer satisfaction was apparent in every interaction. The sales consultations provided valuable insights into market trends, customer preferences, and tailored strategies to succeed in the competitive landscape of metal detection.

1st OKM Dealer Summit in Charlotte, NC (USA)
Attending dealers are sharing experience and insights with a very high level of dedication and engagement.

The Dealer Summit was merely the first step in OKM's ambitious plans to expand its presence across the Americas with its network of dedicated dealers equipped with comprehensive training and exceptional support. The establishment of OKM Americas' showroom, customer and dealer services, and a well-stocked warehouse underscored the company's long-term commitment to meeting the demands of a rapidly growing customer base.

Looking Ahead: Set Sights on Further Innovation

1st OKM Dealer Summit in Charlotte, NC (USA)
Entrance to OKM Americas' showroom in Charlotte, NC

The dealer summit provided a unique platform for detection enthusiasts to forge meaningful connections, laying the foundation for future partnerships and mutual growth. Moreover, it provides valuable feedback and idea exchange, allowing OKM to understand its dealers' and customers' needs better. Additionally, OKM's CEO Stephan Grund gained firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by dealers, enabling more targeted support. Moreover, he was able to identify further best practices and innovative approaches and foster a positive company-dealer partnership for a long-lasting successful future.

The success of the dealer summit has ushered a new era of growth and innovation, as the company set its sights on solidifying its position as the unrivaled leader in the treasure detection industry across the continents.

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