Grand Opening in Antalya, Turkey

October 22, 2021

The OKM Roadshow is an event for treasure hunters, metal detectorists, archaeologists and further detector users and (technology) enthusiasts to get to know and test OKM detection technologies in a special ambience.

OKM Türkiye in Antalya – where hospitality meets treasure hunting expertise.

The past roadshow in Turkey was inspired by the Grand Opening of OKM Turkey's new headquarters in Antalya. The new building appears already from a distance in the outstanding OKM design and invites with open showroom and competent staff to satisfy the own curiosity and to discover treasure hunting as a new adventure for oneself.

OKM Turkey showroom with OKM detector
Open showroom in Antalya with focus on ground scanner eXp 4500
OKM Turkey Grand Opening
The OKM Türkiye team welcomes visitors and detector enthusiasts
OKM Turkey Grand Opening
OKM Türkiye convinces with expertise and hospitality
OKM experts presenting the new eXp 6000
OKM experts presenting the new eXp 6000 to the local press

The OKM Turkey team warmly welcomed many loyal customers and new interested visitors to the new building. The invitation was followed by around one hundred guests, including representatives of the local authorities and the local media, to get to know the detectors and 3D ground scanners and to ask questions about the technology. It was also an opportunity to meet the inventor of the OKM detectors, Andreas Krauss, and representatives of his team of experts from Germany.

OKM experts from Germany interviewed by local press
OKM expert explaining the special features of the top-notch detector eXp 6000
OKM Turkey showroom with OKM detectors
Beautiful presentation of OKM detector Fusion Professional Plus

Visitors were invited to enjoy food and drinks to further deepen their lively discussions. Brochures provided an initial overview of the product portfolio, while more detailed questions were answered directly with the detector. In presentations and training sessions, the functions and special features were shown in detail and tips and tricks for application were explained in more detail. Of greatest interest were the new professional 3D ground scanner eXp 6000 Professional Plus and the long-range gold detector Bionic X4.

The region of today's Turkey plays a special role for treasure hunters and archaeologists: Whether with relics of the Mycenaean culture or with finds from the times of conquests by Alexander the Great, by the Persians, the Seljuks and the Ottomans, the region of Anatolia has many stories to tell, many details of which are still undiscovered. With expertise, the right equipment, great passion and comprehensive services the OKM Turkey team dedicates itself to the challenge of turning treasure hunters into successful explorers.

Consultation and detector instruction by OKM experts
Teams of OKM Turkey and OKM Germany
OKM Turkey and OKM Germany look forward to the next Roadshow

Besides treasure hunters, future dealers also get their chance in the region: Already in the past, Turkey was an important hub for lively trade relations in the Mediterranean region and the Middle East. Thus, potential detector dealers also followed the invitation to the Grand Opening in order to establish contacts with the teams of OKM Turkey and OKM Germany and to discuss possibilities of a future cooperation. For interested customers, this means that more authorized service partners could soon be available in their region. Get more information and further news via newsletter and in OKM's social channels!

Many thanks to all for your active interest and visit. Special thanks to OKM Turkey for the warm hospitality. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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