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  • Service and Consultation
    • In which languages does OKM offer consultation and services?
    • How do I know that my product is an original?
    • Which advantages do I have if I buy my product directly from OKM Germany than from a dealer?
    • Can I test the device before I buy it? Do I get a briefing before the purchase?
    • Can I rent an OKM device?
  • Distributors and Dealers
    • How can I become an OKM dealer?
    • How and where can I find dealers in my region?
  • Order and Payment
  • Shipping
    • Which shipping methods are available?
    • How long does it take until I get my order?
  • Support
  • Technology
    • Do OKM detectors and ground scanners work in winter and in snow?
    • What does GPR stand for?
    • What are the differences between Rover C4 and Fusion Pro Plus?
    • What are the differences between Fusion Pro Plus and the eXp series
    • What are the differences between Rover C4 and the eXp series?

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Payment Options

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Mises à jour des logiciels et des applications

Mettez régulièrement à jour votre logiciel de détection et vos applications de détection pour bénéficier de nouvelles fonctions et de performances améliorées. Nous vous expliquons comment recevoir les dernières mises à jour.

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