Protector Case

Protector Case
Protector Case
Protector Case
Protector Case
  • Maximum protection: for metal detecting and treasure hunting equipment
  • Waterproof: case to transport detectors in safe conditions
  • Shock-protected: transportation of devices and accessories
  • Perfectly fitted interior: specially customized for OKM detectors
EUR 299,00

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To protect your valuable treasure hunting equipment in a suitable case, we deliver all our detection instruments in a specially designed high quality Protector Case. These rugged and easy-to-transport cases are a must for outdoor treasure hunters and all prospectors, who need to take their detector on treasure expeditions in pathless territories and natural uneven surfaces. These cases are required for transporting your detection equipment in safe conditions to keep it intact and functional.

The size of the transportation case is adapted to your measuring instrument so that all equipments fits inside.

The delivered cases protect your metal detector from external shocks during transportation, as well as contamination or water. The casing offers wheels and extendable handles for easy transportation. Each metal detector case features an automatic pressure equalization valve which releases air from the interior while keeping water molecules out.

The Protector Case offers a gadget to fix a safety lock to prevent thievery of your equipment. Stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors add strength and extra security against cutting and theft.

Size 1510

Size 1555

Size 1720

Size 1740

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