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Demonstration Devices

New technology products are not inexpensive. If you want to save money, you can buy a used product or look for demonstration units. At OKM, demonstration devices are in technically and visually perfect condition and yet cheaper than new detectors. In fact, these special offers are limited to only few products.

Demonstration units are usually the manufacturer's latest products, which are made available for customers to test and try out. All equipment that is displayed unpacked on site and can be testet are demonstration units. The detectors are rarely used and the complete standard accessories as well as the original packaging are included.

With the purchase you will receive the complete device guarantee for 24 months. Demonstration units are comparatively rarely used and therefore in mint condition. In the case of OKM detectors, this usually applies to the control unit, telescopic rod and the waterproof and shock-resistant transport case. Accessories like probes, headphones and Power Pack are most likely added as new items.

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