Fusion Light Presentation + Quick Tutorial

04 de febrero 2022
YouTube Video

We are proud to present to you the OKM Fusion Light. It is the best entry-level detector for treasure hunters who want to find hidden treasures or voids like tunnels or tombs.

With its two operating modes Magnetometer and 3D Ground Scan, the Fusion Light is very easy to use. The Magnetometer ist perfect for clearing the area of ferrous waste and preparing it for a deeper 3D Ground Scan. OKM CEO Stephan Grund shows you

  • what's included in the Fusion Light protection case,
  • detector features for successful treasure hunting
  • first impressions of the detector on our test field and
  • how to analyze the scan on the included smartphone or Windows notebook.

For a deeper look into the features, check our further Videos on our website or in our YouTube Channel.

Presentation video of the OKM Rover C4

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Rover C4 Quick Tutorial Transfer Scan Files

Rover C4 Quick Tutorial Transfer Scan Files

After performing your scans, transfer them to the Windows notebook via Bluetooth for further analysis.
11 de octubre 2022
Rover C4 Features

Rover C4 Features

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