Preferences: General Settings

In figure 1 the Preferences Dialog is showing all settings of the category General, that can be adjusted in Visualizer 3D Studio.

General Settings of the Preferences dialog
Figure 1: General Settings of the Preferences dialog

Following settings can be adjusted:

  • Language
    Select your preferred language, that is used to label all elements of the user interface. Simply pick one from the list of supported languages.

  • Measurement System
    Select your correct measurement system (metric or imperial). Depending on your selection all units will be converted into meters or feet.

  • Transformation Parameters
    These parameters are factors for the mouse operations and influence the speed and step width of the corresponding operation.

  • Formats
    Adjust the formats of date, time and GPS according to your personal preferences.

  • Viewport
    Here you configure some options according to the viewport where the scan images are displayed.

    • Background Color
      Click on the colored area to select another background color. Specially outdoors it could be useful to set a brighter color for better visibility.

    • Active Frame Color
      Click on the colored area to select another frame color that highlights the selected viewport. Depending on the brightness or darkness of the environment you might change this color for better visibility.

    • Default View
      When the Default View is used to view the scan images you may adjust the width of the 3 smaller views on the right side. Therefor you have 2 options: 67 | 33 % or 75 | 25 %. The first number indicates the width of the main viewport in percent and the second number is the width of the 3 small viewports.

  • Missing Characteristics Notification
    If this option is checked, you will get notified about missing characteristics such as field length, field width or soil type when closing a scan image. Thus you can add missing information and store it along your actual scan data.

  • Auto-Scale
    If this option is checked, any changes in Z-Scaling (e.g. caused by soil type changes) will keep the scan image within the viewport window.

  • Crosshairs Overflow
    If this option is checked, the crosshairs will pass the borders when moved by the cursor keys. Let's assume the crosshairs are located at the first measure point. If the Crosshairs Overflow option is NOT checked, you can NOT move the crosshairs back or right, otherwise it would be possible and the crosshairs would immediately jump to the opposite side of the scan image.

  • Raw Scan Value
    If this option is checked, you will see the raw scan data value as measured by the OKM Detector in the Scan Information Panel. This is a useful option for OKM's Support Team.

  • Advanced Scan Information
    If this option is checked, you will see impulse data as well as measurement system data in the Scan Information Panel.

  • Online Update Notification
    If this option is checked, Visualizer 3D Studio will automatically check for new updates every time the program starts (internet access required).

  • Adaptive Crosshairs Behaviour
    If this option is checked, Visualizer 3D Studio will adapt the arrow keys according to the selected Render View. This makes it much more easy to navigate the crosshairs.

  • Volumetric Resolution
    The Volumetric render view requires additional GPU computational power, which may lead to a slowdown of the user's PC. To optimize performance on slower PCs, it is advisable to decrease the Volumetric resolution. Conversely, for enhanced quality, increasing the resolution is recommended.

Click the OK button to confirm your changes, otherwise click Cancel to discard all changes!