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Installation and Activation of Visualizer 3D Studio

Before you can use the Visualizer 3D Studio software you have to install it on your computer and activate its license.

After purchasing your software you will receive a Software Key (by e-mail or attached to your physical product) that can be used to download the software digitally as well as activate your installed software product.

1. Download Visualizer 3D Studio

If you purchased your personal copy of Visualizer 3D Studio without any OKM Detector, you may download the installation file from our website at www.okmdetectors.com/v3ds-download by entering the according Software Key.

2. Install Visualizer 3D Studio

Install your Visualizer 3D Studio software by clicking the installation file Setup.exe and follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard.

3. Activate Visualizer 3D Studio

When running your software for the first time, you have to activate it by entering your Software Key as shown in figure 1.

Visualizer 3D Studio Dialog Window: Enter Software Key
Figure 1: Enter Software Key

There are two separat ways to activate your software:

  1. Automatic (Internet access required): If your computer is connected with the Internet and you entered a valid Software Key, the Activation Code is determined automatically by clicking the OK button.
  2. Manual: You may call your local dealer or OKM GmbH directly to obtain your Activation Code. Please make sure to provide your Software Key and Software Code as indicated in figure 2, when asked. Alternatively you can also get your Activation Code from our website at www.okmdetectors.com/software-activation.
Visualizer 3D Studio Dialog Window: Enter Activation Code
Figure 2: Manual Activation of Visualizer 3D Studio