Depth Range of OKM Detectors

See into the Ground

All over the world, a great number of exciting projects and groundbreaking discoveries are highlighting the remarkable efficiency of OKM metal detectors and 3D ground scanners. Beyond the realm of treasure hunting, these professional ground scanners have found multiple applications in archaeology, geotechnical ground investigation and forensics.

Prepare to be amazed as you delve into some of the stunning discoveries made with OKM detectors, giving you a glimpse of the extraordinary depths to which buried treasure can be revealed. And for even more extraordinary finds, be sure to explore our Treasure Finds Blog.

1 m | 3.3 ft
2 m | 6.6 ft
3 m | 9.8 ft
5 m | 16.4 ft
6 m | 19.7 ft
9 m | 29.5 ft
20 m | 65.6 ft
21 m | 68.9 ft
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