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Hidden tomb discovered under church

08 يوليو 2010

An amateur actress uncovered the entrance to a 500-year-old secret chamber, which had been hidden for centuries, when she accidentally stamped her shoe through one of the floor tiles at St. Mary's Church, in Redgrave, Suffolk. Just weeks before, a geophysicist had used state-of-the-art ground scan detectors (eXp 4000, Rover C II) to locate the long-forgotten vault. There was just one last thing to do ... finding the entrance.

Geofizz Using Rover C II
Geophysicist Malcolm Weale from Geofizz Ltd. surveying the church's floor with Rover C II for the existence of a hidden chamber.
Tunnel To Tomb
The secret entrance into the hidden tomb under St. Mary's Church in Redgrave, Suffolk.

Using ground penetrating instruments, Mr. Weale from Geofizz Ltd. identified a large space, about 6ft deep, extending under the altar and into the adjacent vestry. Before the geophysical surveys could be finished, the actress Kathy Mills stepped into the entrance of the vault. The tunnel was discovered with a set of steps descending into the ground visible in one direction and a cluster of about six coffins tucked inside a dark chamber in the other. The tunnel shows evidence of having been renovated sometime in the last century with more modern red brick walls visible, but the vault itself is thought to be 500 years old. It appears the vault revealed itself because timbers holding up the floor tiles in the church had rotted with age.


Malcolm Weale, founder of Geofizz Ltd., is using the OKM equipment for many years for professional and archaeological applications world-wide. Over the past years Geofizz have been working on various projects including the search for WWII Fighter Planes, the Vampire Dugout and a lot of other surveying projects.

Graphical 3D representation of one of the geophysical scans with Rover C II showing the chamber underground.
The blue color of the Visualizer 3D software indicates the hidden vault under the church's floor.

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