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Arches are curved symmetrical building structures under bridges, roofs or walls. These old building structures often contain artefacts and valuable ...
14 de mayo 2020


➤ Galleries and corridors with certain features – whether with arcades, surrounding an inner courtyard or connecting several rooms – ...
14 de mayo 2020

Treasure trove

➤ Treasure troves supply a collection or store of valuable objects. Whether in castles and palaces or within the walls ...
14 de mayo 2020


➤ Mines are areas excavated for extracting coal or other valuable minerals such as gold or diamonds. Just like natural ...
14 de mayo 2020

Burial chambers

➤ Burial chambers are final resting places for dignitaries where great treasures are supposed to be buried beside the deceased. ...
14 de mayo 2020

Ghost Towns

➤ Ghost towns are abandoned, uninhabited settlements. Typical ghost settlements consist of slowly decaying buildings. In the deserted places, numerous ...
14 de mayo 2020

Los lugares perdidos

Obtenga una impresión de la fascinación de redescubrir sitios históricos.
23 de abril 2020

Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting means more than just digging up gold treasures, silver coins and ancient artifacts. Become part of the great ...
01 de noviembre 2019

Paneo de Oro, un procedimiento tradicional de extracción de oro

Paneo de oro es una técnica de propección de oro tradicional que muchos prospectores y mineros utilizan para extraer oro ...
26 de abril 2017