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3D metal detector eXp 4000 detects golden figurines and seal stamps

01 سبتمبر 2014

Another successful treasure find in Balkan region: A happy owner of an OKM eXp 4000 3D ground scanner detected amazing ancient, well preserved gold figures and seal stamps in 1,5 m depth.

Well known as Valley of the Thracian Kings the Balkan region is a mecca for treasure hunters and scientists at the same time. Valuable treasures of different periods are still buried in the ground, some of them over 4000 years old. The ancient Indo-European people of the Thracians were considered to be art-minded and were already mentioned by Homer in the Iliad. The Thracian tribes settled in the Balkans. The actual Thrace comprised parts of today's Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

One of the ancient golden figurines from the Balkans.
Another historic figurine that has been discovered at the Balkans.
The back side of the detected seal stamp from the Balkans.
The front side of the seal stamp with an ancient engraving.

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