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eXp 6000 locates ancient bronze vase in more than 4 m depth

11 اكتوبر 2017

Ancient treasure find in Ilam

The province of Ilam in the west of Iran was a part of the kingdom of Elan and became a part of the Persian empire later. This region is rich of archaeological sites, ruins and bridges from the Sassanid era. There are many ancient reliefs and ruins of ancient settlements. A treasure hunter found a very well preserved, around 12 cm large, bronze vessel with his 3D ground scanner eXp 6000.

Ancient bronze vase
Ancient bronze vase: The small 12 cm large bronze vase was found in the iranian region of Ilam. The metal detector eXp 6000 detected it in a depth of 4 meters.


Metal detector - depth redefined

One of the most frequently asked questions in terms of treasure hunting is: "Up to which depth can my metal detector detect objects?" This treasure find demonstrates the high performance of the OKM detector eXp 6000. An only 12 cm large bronze vase was detected in a depth of 4.30 m and then dug out.

Of course, a powerful 3D ground scanner is not a guarantor for successful treasure hunting. It also requires a treasure hunter who uses the full potential of his metal detector.

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