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Succession Management at OKM

10 يونيو 2021
WiWo article: Succession Management at OKM

A year and a half after Stephan Grund became CEO of OKM, WirtschaftWoche reports on the company's progress. What has changed and has the young founder's strategy been successful?

WirtschaftWoche reveals how the young founder took over the established medium-sized company in Thuringia, his plans and strategies, but also his culture shock during his first visit to the pyramid, which is very unusual for the region in which it is located.

Moreover, the article highlights the problem of succession management in today's world: Many medium-sized companies in Germany are threatened with closure due to the lack of a successor. Stephan Grund uses his own story to show that there is an attractive alternative to launching your own business.

Find out how the new OKM CEO finally managed to lead the company forward with improved employee management, digital communication channels and a focus on the core business, and how he successfully maneuvered it through times of corona and other crises. Read the complete article in German

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19 أغسطس 2022
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