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Thuringian Minister of Finance visits OKM in Altenburg

19 أغسطس 2022

During her Summer Tour 2022, Thuringia's Minister of Finance Heike Taubert has visited selected companies in Thuringia. One of her destinations was OKM in Altenburg. While for the OKM team visits of this kind are rather rare occasions, for the Ministry of Finance the eye-catching company headquarters in the shape of a pyramid must have raised the interest in particular.

After the reception, the Finance Minister first held expert talks with OKM's managing directors CEO Stephan Grund and CTO Christian Becker to get a more detailed picture of the company's economic development since its foundation in 1998 as well as its transition in September 2019.

"I am pleased that [...] a piece of innovation will continue to come from Thuringia in the future.“

Minister of Finance Heike Taubert after visiting OKM

Minister of Finance Heike Taubert visits OKM
OKM CEO Stephan Grund, OKM CTO Christian Becker and Thuringian Finance Minister Heike Taubert at the top of the pyramid.

The solid basis of the company as well as its further development thanks to CEO Stephan Grund's modern management strategies have contributed to the fact that OKM has been able to survive successfully even in times of corona and crisis. Thanks to their future-oriented strategies, the managing directors succeeded in maintaining OKM's pioneering role on the international market, securing jobs in the region and even creating new jobs and training positions.

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