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OKM eXp 6000 in 'The Curse of Oak Island'

14 ديسمبر 2020

OKM metal detectors are more than simple treasure detectors: The devices include features that allow treasure hunters to discover anomalies and cavities in depths that common VLF detectors are not able to reach. Hence, it's about more than finding treasures, it's about finding the mother lode!

OKM Detector eXp 6000 Starring in 'The Curse of Oak Island'

The enthusiastic treasure hunters from the show 'The Curse of Oak Island' are convinced that the OKM detection technology will help find the fabled treasure in Nova Scotia. Hence, Gary Drayton and his team requested the professional ground scanner OKM eXp 6000.

From now, the 3D ground scanner offers new perspectives in the search for the legendary treasure on Oak Island.

Thanks to our local OKM dealer KellyCo, who had already had contact with the show in previous years, the supply with the professional detector and a detector training had been realized fast and easily.

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Detector Training with Kellyco and Gary Drayton

OKM eXp 6000 Training in Florida for Oak Island: Test Scan

First instructions on the detector and comprehensive training with KellyCo were essential for the crew to continue their quest and the filming without delay. The application of the eXp 6000 is easy to learn. However, the intensive training was necessary to use the professional 3D ground scanner immediately and achieve results really fast.

Carolyn Harwick (VP of Community Outreach and Sales at KellyCo) was training Gary Drayton on the OKM eXp 6000 during his trip to Florida, giving him an overview of all included sensors and probes, operating modes and functions.

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OKM eXp 6000 Training in Florida for Oak Island: Explanation of Functions and Modes
Preparing the first measurement with eXp 6000 with Super Sensor.
OKM eXp 6000 Training in Florida for Oak Island: Analysis of Detected Scan Data
Analyzing the first measurement with the professional detector.

First, all basic settings were discussed and the appropriate setup was selected. For a quick start in 3D ground scanning, the parallel scan mode and the automatic pulse mode are recommended. This way, the scan field length is automatically determined during the measurement. After initial test scans, the measurement procedure was quite clear.
OKM eXp 6000 Training in Florida for Oak Island: Test Scan with Super Sensor
Finding the perfect pace and following the correct paths for an accurate scan with eXp 6000.
OKM eXp 6000 Training in Florida for Oak Island: Improving Setup and Pace during Scan
Improving his own setup and pace with the 3D ground scanner.

The detailed training ensured that the professional 3D ground scanner was immediately ready for efficient use on the island and quickly showed first successes. Find out what has been detected and excavated:

HISTORY Channel (Season 8)
Unearthed Find Provides Crucial Evidence

How OKM's Ground Scanner supports the treasure hunters in finding new evidence about the Oak Island Money Pit.

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