Mayor impressed by high-tech products made in Germany

09 أغسطس 2020
OKM in Osterland Sonntag 22.Jahrgang Nr.31 August 2020
Presenting the interior of the pyramid: The managing directors Stephan A. Grund (2nd from left) and Andreas Krauss (right) from OKM with Altenburg's mayor André Neumann (2nd from right).

The shiny gold pyramid in the industrial park on Leipziger Str. belongs to
the most striking buildings of the 'Skat' city. In the interior of this building, which is so unusual for our region, the company "OKM" produces high-performance detectors, which are used by treasure hunters all over the world.

Altenburg's mayor André Neumann visited the company. The managing directors Andreas Krauss and Stephan A. Grund showed him the inside of the pyramid and explained the business segments of the company.

OKM develops and manufactures powerful geophysical measuring devices like metal detectors and 3D ground scanner for more than 20 years. The innovative company sees itself as a trendsetter in the industry. The Lord Mayor is impressed by the high-tech products made in Altenburg.

OKM detectors can detect water and cavities at a depth of up to 250 meters. According to the managing directors, OKM sells about 90 percent of its products abroad.

Visit the Golden Pyramid

Business customers and private individuals can also visit the impressive building and convince themselves of the genuine products handmade in Germany.

Prospective buyers are advised to make an appointment in order to allow sufficient time for their individual consultation.

For all other visitors the pyramid can be visited on open days, such as the 'Long Night of the Business Aces'. This event has been postponed due to the current situation (COVID-19).

Exact dates will be announced by newsletter and in our social networks.

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