Detector Manufacturer OKM is Awarded as Future Champion

03 مارس 2023

With overwhelming positive feedback from Thuringia's business community and unbroken national media interest, ChampionsMEET, the meeting of Thuringia's world market and technology leaders, is still having an impact. Detector manufacturer OKM has also been invited and has been awarded as Future Champion in Thuringia.

OKM awarded as Future Champion 2023

An Initiative of the State of Thuringia

Thuringian companies and their great successes confirm the economic attractiveness of the state. The Hidden Champions are selected high-performance companies from the following sectors

  • Automotive
  • Medical Technology/Life Science
  • Optics/Photonics/Electronics
  • Sensor Technology
  • Mechanical engineering/Plant engineering/Toolmaking
  • Rubber/Plastics/Chemistry
OKM awarded as Future Champion 2023
OKM CEO Stephan Grund presents the official Hidden Champions in Thuringia certificate.

Almost 90 companies were evaluated as Thuringia's global market and technology leaders. Taken together, these companies employ 14,000 people and generate more than EUR 8,000 million in sales. The award-winning companies, including world-renowned companies such as Carl Zeiss and Jenoptik, have in common that their products and services are convincing in Germany, Europe or globally.

The project Hidden Champions in Thuringia is an initiative of the Thuringian Ministry of Economics and the State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG).

OKM receives Future Champions award 2023
OKM receives Future Champions award 2023
OKM receives Future Champions award 2023

Honoring Thuringia's World Market and Technology Leaders

Keynote Prof. Dr. Dr. Simon as well as Dr. Stefan Traeger, CEO Jenoptik AG, and Dr. Arnulf Wulff, authorized signatory and head of department LEG Thuringia, spoke at the launch event in Erfurt. The speeches highlighted the success strategies of medium-sized companies in an uncertain global environment and presented the results of the research and objectives of the campaign. Afterwards, the companies were honored. But what characterizes a Thuringian world market and technology leader - a Hidden Champion?

OKM receives Future Champions award 2023
OKM receives Future Champions award 2023
OKM receives Future Champions award 2023

Economic Power and Innovations from the Heart of Germany

For the initiators of the project, one thing is clear: The resident world market and technology leaders and the state of Thuringia mutually strengthen each other, because the location conditions are also decisive for the success of the companies:

  • Market access and great economic dynamism
  • Quality of life thanks to charming nature, culture and a family-friendly environment
  • Accessibility of all German metropolises in less than 5 hours as well as very good road and rail connections in Europe
  • Skilled workers in future-oriented professions
  • Attractive support programs for investment, research and development
  • Renowned research institutes and universities as partners of the economy
  • Pioneering spirit, ideas and innovations
OKM receives Future Champions award 2023
OKM is awarded Future Champion in Thuringia
OKM is awarded Future Champion in Thuringia

In addition to innovation, economic potential plays a major role in being named a Future Champion:

  • Market position: top 3 technology in a specific market segment or niche.
  • Annual sales
  • Export share
  • Internationalization: multilingual website and operations on at least 2 continents

With its pioneering spirit, multilingual website, a global sales network with subsidiaries in Turkey, the UAE and the USA, and an export share of over 80%, OKM Germany, which has a pioneering role worldwide with its innovative measurement technologies for soil exploration, was also convincing. Since March 3, 2023, OKM Germany has been a Future Champion among Thuringia's global market and technology leaders.

OKM receives Future Champions award
OKM Hidden Champions in Thuringia Wall
Photos: © Hidden Champions in Thuringia
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