Ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR 3D

Ağustos 29, 2016
YouTube Video

After successfully developing our ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR with telescopic antennas and 2D scan graphics, it was time to make it even better. Now it utilizes triangular antennas to penetrate the underground in a more efficient way. Furthermore it can create a 3D model of the underground objects.

Use this 3D ground penetrating radar to detect underground pipelines, utilities and voids such as cavities, tunnels, rooms, chambers and caves. Simply scan several traverses to collect enough data that can be used to calculate a colorful 3D image of the underground.

If you are already owner of the older 2D model of the Gepard GPR, please ask your local OKM dealer for any upgrade options, so you are able to use the great features of the new 3d model of our ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR.

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