New 3D Ground Scanner OKM eXp 6000

Eylül 01, 2021

Over the past few months, our engineers have been working intensely on the new eXp 6000. Thanks to the optimizations, the professional 3D ground scanner will remain the top-notch detector in the future.

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Treasure Finds with 3D Ground Scanner eXp 6000

Treasure hunters and archaeologists find with OKM detectors treasures and cavities down to 25 m (82 ft) depth.

  • sculptures, jewelry and relics made of iron and precious metals
  • militaria and treasure chests made of iron
  • cavities like tunnels, mines, bunkers and burial chambers
  • natural gold minerals via gold containing quartz
Professional detector with exchangeable wireless carbon probes

The eXp 6000 probes are made of Carbon which makes them extremely rigid and light. Additionally, the probes establish a wireless connection to the treasure detector to transfer the scan data directly to the Control Unit.

Professional detector with removable GPS receiver

The removable GPS Receiver allows treasure hunters to track and save their location information. You can easily replace it by a protective cap.

3D ground scanner eXp 6000 Professional Control Unit with color display

The Control Unit is equipped with a color display and touchscreen for fast and easy operation. Moreover, the graphical user interface is available in 14 languages.

Professional detector with smart video glasses

Besides the touchscreen, the eXp 6000 ground scanner can also be controlled via Smart Video Glasses. This allows you to focus even better on the environment and to notice any obstacles in the scan field during the scan.

3D ground scanner eXp 6000 Professional display with 3D ground scan image

Get a first glimpse of your 3D Ground Scan directly on the screen of the eXp 6000 Control Unit during the measurement. After finishing and saving the scan, you receive your scan image with color-coded targets.

View your results in 2D or 3D and rotate and scale your scan image directly on the Control Unit touchscreen.

OKM eXp 6000
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OKM eXp 6000
Professional Plus
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Control Unit with color display and touchscreen
Telescopic Rod with Protective Cap
GPS Receiver (removable)
Exchangeable Carbon Probes Super Sensor
Telescopic Probe

Super Sensor
Telescopic Probe
Live-Stream Sensor
Tunnel Sensor
Waterproof and shockresistant Pelican case
Bluetooth headphones
2x Charger and 2x Travel adapter
Software Visualizer 3D Studio Standard Edition Professional Edition
Operating Modes 3D Ground Scan
Mineral Scan

3D Ground Scan
Mineral Scan
Live Scan
Tunnel Scan
Explore eXp 6000 Professional Explore eXp 6000 Professional Plus
eXp 6000 Professional eXp 6000 Professional Plus

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3D ground scanner eXp 6000 Professional OKM eXp 6000 Professional

OKM eXp 6000 Professional

25 m'ye Kadar Derinlik Aralığına Sahip Altın Dedektörü
Professional 3D ground scanner OKM eXp 6000 Professional Plus OKM eXp 6000 Professional Plus

OKM eXp 6000 Professional Plus

Dikey ve yatay tarama dahil farklı modlara sahip En İyi Dedektör

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