Pulse Nova Downloads

Mart 09, 2021
.pdf OKM Pulse Nova Product flyer 3.24 MB
.pdf OKM Pulse Nova Depth Performance 248 KB
.pdf OKM Pulse Nova Quick Start Guide (PN-A01-QO2303) 1.1 MB
.pdf OKM Pulse Nova Handbuch DE 3.7 MB
.pdf OKM Pulse Nova Manual EN 2.7 MB
Roman Siliqua silver coin (Constantinus III 407-411) found with OKM detector Pulse Nova

Roman Siliqua Silver Coin Found with OKM's PI Detector

Treasure hunters detected with the OKM Pulse Nova this small Siliqua silver coin from the Roman Imperial period (Constantinus III ...
Kasım 11, 2022
Gold jewelry uncovered with OKM Evolution in 175 cm (5.75 ft) depth

Golden Jewelry Found with OKM Evolution in the Near East

A treasure hunter tells about his hobby of treasure hunting in the Near East and his first big find, which ...
Ekim 25, 2022
Thuringian Minister of Finance visits OKM Detectors

Thuringian Minister of Finance visits OKM in Altenburg

In the course of her Summer Tour 2022, the Thuringian Minister of Finance Heike Taubert visited selected companies in Thuringia. ...
Ağustos 19, 2022