OKM Dealer Website

OKM Dealer Website

Official Content for OKM Dealers

As an official OKM Dealer you are invited to use the ready-to-use light version of the official OKM Germany Website. The so-called OKM Dealer Website offers you the possibility to present the OKM product portfolio directly, without much effort. 

Your Advantages

  • Synchronized Content Updates

    Profit from automatically updated contents without own effort.

    As soon as new images are added to the OKM website, a new detector is promoted or even a single word is changed, this also happens simultaneously on your OKM Dealer Website.

  • Your Contact Information

    Include contact information like Phone or WhatsApp and Email and have OKM keep your current contact details up to date, so customers can directly contact you.

    OKM Dealer Website
  • Shared Content Via Main Menu

    In addition to the main page, customers reach via the navigation:

    • Detectors - the complete detector collection with filter function
    • All information on the OKM Software*
    • Details About your shop: including pictures, basic information, highlights, links and more
      Share details with OKM (Google Form)
    • Blog posts including News, Finds & Discoveries, Videos & Tutorials, Press / Media, Glossary and more

* Please note that the OKM Software Activation is only available via the official OKM website www.visualizer3d.com/activation

OKM Dealer Website
  • Profit from Trust Elements

    Shared trust elements like Testimonials and References are the best proof of the efficiency of OKM detectors. Hence, we aim at providing more official references such as TV documentaries but also from professional users like archaeologists, geotechnical engineers as well as companies and organizations who successfully work with OKM detectors.

    OKM Dealer Website

    Share business partner information, an official logo as well as details on past, current and future projects:

    Your Benefits of Sharing References
    • Get mentioned in blog posts about your business partners and their projects (more references = more posts = more links)
    • Receive more website visitors through backlinks from OKM (more links = more visitors)
    • Benefit from the overall trust-building campaign of OKM
  • Your Social Media Channels

    Add your social media links like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok. This way customers can like and follow your channels. In addition, OKM will also follow your shop as well as like and share your posts!

    OKM Dealer Website
  • Your Shop Information

    Share your showroom address so that customers find your store and can visit you.

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