Shortcut Overview

Visualizer 3D Studio has many shortcuts that simplifies the operation of the professional analysis software. Here is a complete list of all available key combinations.

Shortcut Description
Ctrl + I Start a new Data Import
Ctrl + O Open new files
Ctrl + P Export active scan file as PDF
F9 Open Characteristics dialog to add specific scan information
Ctrl + B Create a new bookmark at the 3D cursor
Ctrl + Alt + B Set 3D cursor to next available bookmark
F1 Open the Documentation / Help
F5 Set Perspective View
F6 Set Top View
F7 Set Side View
F8 Set Front View
F11 Toggle fullscreen mode
Ctrl + R Set all transformations back to default
LMB (Left Mouse Button) Rotate scan image
LMB + Ctrl Move scan image
LMB + Alt Set 3D cursor
← (Left Arrow) Move crosshairs left (next scan line)
↑ (Up Arrow) Move crosshairs forward (next impulse)
→ (Right Arrow) Move crosshairs right (previous scan line)
↓ (Down Arrow) Move crosshairs backward (previous impulse)
Page Up (Pg Up) Move crosshairs up (decrease depth)
Page Down (Pg Dn) Move crosshairs down (increase depth)

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