Rover Gold (2013-2017)

30 نوفمبر 2017
This product has been updated. View the current product version: OKM Rover C4

Rover Gold is a gold, silver and mineral detector especially developed for locating gold, silver and other ores rich in minerals. This unique detector is primarily designed for professional prospectors for the usage in mines and mining environments.

After many years of testing in various mines, fields rich in gold in places like Sudan, Tanzania, Malaysia, Mexico, USA, Australia and many other countries, the integrated sensor technology by OKM allows to detect gold ores easily.

Additionally integrated functionalities like the Mineral Scan simplify the use of the gold detector for the professional user as well as the novice. With Rover Gold treasure hunters are able to detect:

OKM Treasure Hunter scanning the ground with Rover Gold
Application of Rover Gold: The 'Rover Gold' gold detector with Super Sensor and wireless headphones.

Gold prospection with Rover Gold

Besides being able to locate naturally occurring gold and mineral ores, the Rover Gold also allows the treasure hunter to locate buried treasures. The Rover Gold 3D scanner has the same performance as Rover C II and the Rover C with Super Sensor. The detector is not limited to gold search only, it can locate and identify a multitude of sub-surface objects, including:

  • Treasure caches and chests
  • Buried gold and silver jewelry
  • Historical artifacts including bronze and copper
  • Stash of coins
  • Ancient grave sites
  • Caves and Tunnels

Metal discrimination with Super Sensor

Included with the Rover Gold is the Super Sensor which can discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals include gold, silver, bronze, and copper, while ferrous metals include iron, nickel and cobalt.

Visualization of measurement data in 3D

Additionally with the Rover Gold you will receive a fully programmed Netbook computer with the Visualizer 3D software already configured. Allowing you to focus on the treasure or gold hunt and the location of items of great value.

The Visualizer 3D software can display the measurement values in a three-dimensional image that can be analyzed in detail to locate the buried objects. In the analysis for buried objects, the software can estimate the size and depth of the targets.

OKM Notebook
Visualization of measurement data: Representation of a detected gold signature in the Visualizer 3D software recorded by the 'Rover Gold'.

OKM Treasure Hunter carrying the Rover Gold and its protector case
Easy and safe tranport: The 'Rover Gold' metal detector is well-packed in a Peli case and a carrying tube.

Other important features of Rover Gold

  • Simplified operating modes (Mineral Scan, Ground Scan and Pin Pointer)
  • Back-lit display for easy operation in mines and in the evening
  • LED lights for working at night or in dark places
  • Simplified software specific for the Rover Gold Mineral Scan
  • Ergonomic design, lightweight and agile allowing for longer searches
  • External Power Pack to work an entire day and quick charger
  • Unit enclosure in Desert Sand color to avoid overheating while working in the sun
  • Impact and water resistant Peli case to protect your unit
  • Lightweight carryingtube for the Super Sensor

Simple and secure transport

The packaging of the unit is as compact as possible allowing easy transportation. The shock- and water-resistant Peli case as well as the lightweight carrying tube facilitate the transportation of the equipment into the field.

Like all OKM metal detecting products, Rover Gold has been tested and certified by leading technical experts. It has also proven its reliability and powerful performance on-site by many treasure discoveries and metal finds.

This product has been updated. View the current product version: OKM Rover C4

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