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Rover C New Edition

29 أبريل 2020

The Rover C New Edition is a standard detector of the upscaled class of measuring instruments. The used electromagnetic pulse method allows to detect anomalies in the target area.

Treasure hunting has never been easier than with the 3D metal detector Rover C New Edition. This powerful 3D metal detector and ground scanner belongs to OKM’s famous and approved Future Series and includes all functions which are needed for a successful treasure hunt.

We don’t manufacture this product anymore. We recommend Rover C4 as replacement.

The redesigned New Edition of Rover C includes special features:

  • display backlight for search at night (on/off switchable)
  • built-in LED spotlights to light up the soil surface in the dark (on/off switchable)
  • integrated auto reversal electronics to facilitate ground scanning process
  • doubled recording speed for rapid scanning on-site
  • simplified and optimized menu navigation and handling for starters and professionals with improved scan results
  • reduced weight and small size of main unit for comfortable long-term use
  • new external Power Pack, lightweight and small, for longer working time and fast recharging
  • desert tan colored casing to prevent damages/overheating caused by insolation
  • wireless stereo headphones for noiseless metal detection surround sound
  • delivered with shock protective, waterproof Peli case with wheels and extendable handle for easy transportation
Metal detection with Rover C New Edition: The metal detector Rover C is a multi purpose treasure detector.

The Rover C has been one of the first metal detecting instruments which was able to perform geophysical and archaeological investigations in high depths and create a three-dimensional image of the underground and buried objects or voids. This multi-purpose metal detecting instrument is able to visualize underground objects, find metal artefacts like gold and silver as well as voids such as hidden rooms, graves or tunnel systems.

The 3D metal detector Rover C is able to locate objects and structures such as:

  • metal objects like tanks, boxes and pipes
  • voids like grave chambers, caves, tunnels or tombs
  • pottery, bricks, underground walls and ruins, buried foundations and other man-made rocks

Easy-to-use treasure detector

Thanks to its functionality and easy handling, the detector is especially designed for searchers who want to start up with 3D metal detecting instruments and experience the new technology of 3D ground scanning in a simple way.

Treasure hunters – beginners and experienced alike – do not have to be professionals to use this metal detector. The small and transportable shape of the Rover C New Edition allows the usage of the ground scanner in different types of terrain. The integrated microprocessor technology automatically performs ground balance, depth modulation and data storage.

Rover C New Edition: Compact metal detector for universal application.

Ready-to-start treasure detector

The Rover C is delivered with a pre-configurated outdoor mini laptop with pre-installed detector software Visualizer 3D and bluetooth data transfer technology. Thus, it is ready to start detecting right away, without further installations or setups. The mini laptop with its small size and light weight is extremely mobile and can be taken anywhere. It is specially designed for outdoor activities, bumps and shocks are no longer issues.

Save and evaluate measured data

Measured data of the Future Series device Rover C can be transferred to any computer or stored temporarily in the internal memory of the detector itself. After completing the measurement, the recorded values can be analyzed in a graphical representation of the 3D software Visualizer 3D. This allows to get exact information about the size and depth of buried materials. Precise object shapes and structures are visible if enough measured values have been recorded.

Rover C with Visualizer 3D: Representation of a located metal chest under the ground.
Rover C with Visualizer 3D: Representation of a ground scan with Rover C showing a bronze artefact in Visualizer 3D.

Applications of Rover C New Edition

Rover C is used by metal detectorists worldwide and suitable for various treasure hunting tasks such as:

  • 3D metal detection to find buried metals
  • basic 3D cavity detection
  • 3D ground mapping
  • meteorite hunting
  • treasure hunting

Features of Rover C New Edition

  • magnetometer with acoustic feedback to locate metallic objects under the ground
  • visual 3D ground scanning
  • automatic and manual impulse release
  • direct data transfer via bluetooth to PC for real-time view
  • 3D ground scan into internal memory
  • graphical analysis on PC (measurement of position, size and depth of located items)

Upgrade for Rover C New Edition

With the optionally available Super Sensor the functionality of the Rover C New Edition can be improved: The depth performance will be increased compared to the standard probe. Furthermore, it allows 3D area scans with high resolution as well as discrimination between ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

We don’t manufacture this product anymore. We recommend Rover C4 as replacement.

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