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Localizer 3000

29 أبريل 2020

Localizer 3000 is a ground penetrating instrument to find buried metal objects such as pipes, boxes, weapons and jewelry. Furthermore, you can detect voids, caves, rooms and graves below the surface.

We don’t manufacture this product anymore. Please consider our various current detectors as replacement.


We don’t manufacture this product anymore. Please consider our current detectors as replacement.

With Localizer 3000 you are able to scan an area and get immediately a picture of the ground on the screen. All necessary data will be calculated in the internal 300 MHz Intel®-compatible processor. By using the professional imaging software Visualizer 3D you are able to determine the position and depth of objects.

Integrated features (standard) of Localizer 3000

  • Magnetometer
  • Single Sensor
  • External Power Supply
  • Differential Sensors
  • Wireless Headphones
  • Visualizer 3D with data cable

In order to locate deep objects you can use the differential probes. While using these antennas you will get a higher resolution of the underground.

All measurements will be stored automatically in the internal memory of the device. After the transmission of all records to a computer, detailed analysis can be done in the software Visualizer 3D.

Additional components (optional) for Localizer 3000

With the DDV System the detector is able to discriminate between different metals like gold, silver or iron. Besides an acoustic signal you get a visual representation on the screen of the device.
With the Super Sensor you get high resolution images. The integrated discrimination technology helps to distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as cavities.

Operating Modes of Localizer 3000

Localizer 3000 includes different operating modes:

  • Magnetometer examines the ground regarding to ferromagnetic metals like iron. The indication takes place through an acoustic oscilloscope.
  • Ground Scan allows a graphical measurement. The measured underground will be represented directly on the screen of the device. These measured data can be stored in the memory of the device and transferred to a computer. With the professional software Visualizer 3D the measurements can be analyzed regarding to the position and depth of objects.
  • Side Scan provides a quick discrimination between cavities and metals. The immediate representation shows all anomalies in the inspected area.
  • Metal Detector has been specially developed to locate small objects situated near the surface (e.g. coins or rings). With the detector you have also the possibility to examine potential findings with regard to their material: You can determine, if an object is made of gold, silver or iron.

We don’t manufacture this product anymore. Please consider our current detectors as replacement.

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