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Regional press reports about change of managing director at OKM

08 نوفمبر 2019
A few weeks ago, the new managing director Stephan A. Grund was welcomed by the OKM team. The public announcement in the regional press of the new managing director is more than just a news release. Rather, the publication offers neighbors and people in the region the opportunity to find out what the golden pyramid in Altenburg stands for.


Full article in OVZ/LVZ online »
Introduction of the new OKM managing director at OKM in Altenburg
Introduction of the new OKM managing director at OKM in Altenburg: From left to right: company founder and managing director Andreas Krauss, new managing director Stephan A. Grund, former managing director Ingolf Mueller, deputy managing director, authorized signatory and leading software developer Christian Becker

OKM has been developing and producing innovative metal detectors for over 20 years and supports archaeologists, treasure hunters and construction companies all over the world. In order to remain a technological leader and to continue to grow as an attractive employer in the region of Altenburg, OKM is always looking for qualified and committed employees. Find out how Stephan Grund experienced OKM in his first weeks:

Interview with Stephan Grund »

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