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Burial chambers

14 مايو 2020
OKM Glossary

Burial chambers are final resting places for dignitaries where great treasures are supposed to be buried beside the deceased. Common graves are usually holes dug into ground to receive a coffin or dead body, typically marked by a stone or mound.

Larger final resting places can be mausoleums, crypts and shrines. Whether in pyramids or temples, the burial chambers and tombs of kings, dignitaries and rulers are large enough to hold valuable treasures and artifacts.



Sarcophagi are stone coffins with inscriptions and usually associated with ancient Egypt, Rome or Greece. The magnificent coffins can be ...
14 مايو 2020

Cavity Detection

Experience adventure, fascination and history: Cavity Detection with the appropriate detector goes beyond treasure hunting. Discover lost places and hidden ...
14 مايو 2020
Explore Lost Places with OKM Ground Scanners

Lost Places

Get an impression of the fascination of rediscovering historic sites.
23 أبريل 2020
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