Metal detector and 3D ground scanner Rover C4

This video introduces OKM’s metal detector and 3d ground scanner Rover C4. This detector is designed for treasure hunters and gold seekers and comes with some very unique features like the LED orbit to visualize buried treasures live during a measurement. It’s time to recover all the lost treasures and hidden gold objects!

During the last centuries many conflicts, battles and wars covered the world. Civilizations fought for domination and wealth. Many people lost personal items or buried valuables to hide it from predators and foreign occupation. Over the years many of those ancient treasures and cultural artifacts disappeared – deeply hidden under the earth’s surface.

The human evolution continued and technical inventions were on the advance. First metal detectors were used to find lost rings and coins. And now OKM’s Rover C4 ground scanner is available to detect all that deep buried treasures from the past. Controlled by an interactive color touchscreen it shows hidden treasures live via LED orbit and generates stunning 3d graphics of hidden objects.