Treasure hunter detects gold and silver hoard with Bionic X4 in Shiraz (Iran)

A treasure hunter, one of our esteemed customers, succeeded to discover a sensational treasure find, as his picture proves. Close to the city of Shiraz in Iran he found a 1.10 m (3.6 ft) deep buried hoard of gold and silver coins. He used his long-range gold detector Bionic X4 to find the location of the treasure.

Shiraz is located in the south of Iran at the foot of the Zagros Mountains and is 1500 meters (4900 feet) above the sea level. With its 1.9 million inhabitants it belongs to the five largest cities in Iran. Furthermore Shiraz is the provincial capital of the Fars region. The climate in Shiraz is a pleasant and mild one, which is perfect for gardening purposes. That is why Shiraz is also referred to as "Garden of Iran".

The earliest references to the city is on elamite clay tablets dated back to 2000 BC. Not only is Shiraz home of two Persian king dynasties but also a place where a royal treasury was located. Thus it is not uncommon to find valuable treasures in that specific region.

Bionic X4 Cross Bearing: The Bionic X4 uses Cross bearing to determine position of the gold treasure.

The treasure hunter and gold seeker utilized his long-range gold detector Bionic X4 to survey the large-scaled area. From a distance of about 400 meters (1312 feet) he received a first signal – "YES" showed up in the display of the Bionic. Based on cross bearing he approached closer to the spot until he unearthed the fantastic treasure from a depth of 1.10 meters (3.6 feet).

The hoard consists of several well-preserved gold dirhams as well as some well-preserved silver dirhams. The dirham is an Arabic unit of weight and coin value, that can be traced back to the Greek currency "drachma". Since dirhams as currency were not used before the 7th century, we can assume that this treasure is definitely not from any ages before common era.