Mysterious treasure finding in Greece

These mysterious signs on some rocks in a hidden place in Greece (see images below) has been discovered by a passionate hobby detectorist. Finding these signs in the mountains of Greece was the inducement for him to search for a buried treasure in this specific area and the beginning of an exciting treasure hunt for gold, silver and other valuable items hidden somewhere under these rocks.

treasure-hunting-sign-01-w0-i463: Mysterious signs leads to gold treasure
treasure-hunting-sign-02-w0-i464: Treasure map painted on greek rocks
treasure-hunting-sign-03-w0-i465: Signs show where to metal detect for gold and silver
treasure-hunting-sign-04-w0-i466: The golden treasure seems to be very close

After showing these pictures to some specialists he needed to find the exact place where to dig for the treasure. He decided to use the metal detecting instrument Rover C to visualize the underground in a 3d image and to see the exact position and depth of the expected targets.

Metal detector Rover C detects gold and silver coins
Future Metal Detector Rover W0 I457: The metal detector Rover C which located the position of the treasure.
Hand-carved stone looks like pig's head
Gold Coins Metal Detected In Greece W0 I460: The hand-carved stone which looks like a pig's head.

After scanning the complete area, he finally located a certain anomaly. He confirmed this anomaly by a few more control scans over the same place and finally succeeded and digged out a large item, similiar to a head of an animal.

Screenshot of Visualizer 3D - raw scan data
okm-visualizer-3d-raw-data-w0-i462: Screenshot of Visualizer 3D with graphical representation of measured scan data.
Screenshot of Visualizer 3D - processed scan data
okm-visualizer-3d-interpolation-w0-i461: Screenshot of Visualizer 3D with processed scan values.

Inside the animal head he found some gold and silver coins. The coins are maybe more than 2000 years old and some gold coins are showing Alexander the Great and one silver coin is showing Jesus Christ.

Front side of detected gold and silver coins.
Gold Coins From Greece Front W0 I459: Front side of some gold and silver coins, which has been detected with OKM's metal detector Rover C.
Back side of the metal detected coins.
Gold Coins From Greece Back W0 I458: Here you can see the back side of the detected coins.