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Over many centuries millions of undiscovered, hidden treasures have gone missing. An estimated USD 750 million of treasures are discovered by treasure hunters every year.


Summary: gold bars discovered by greek treasure hunters using OKM metal detectors.

I have been a hobby detectorist for quite some time now - more than 20 years at least. From time to time I am out trying to find coins, artefacts and other valuable ancient and historic relics as a hobby.

I am very interested in ancient sites and historical events in the region and go out to hunt treasures in my free time - also sometimes during vacations.

A couple of years ago I watched a World War II documentary and found out about a presumed historic site very close to my house on the Greek countryside - just a couple of hours by car. So I started to read more about it in books at the local library and did some internet research for historic documents. I found a few very interesting blog articles in a web forum about that specific part of the greek mountains and it's role in World War II.

I found out that during World War II there were two main alliances of guerillas in Greece - the ELAS and EDES. Both groups had been supplied with clothing, arms and munitions and food by the British. Due to the rivalry between the monarchic EDES and the communistic ELAS heavy fights started in 1943 between these two greek guerilla alliances. This crisis was then used by the German militaries to start a large counterplot against both groups. After that the EDES nearly collapsed completely and started to negotiate with the German troops. To battle against the ELAS the Germans then supported the EDES with weapons, clothes, gadgets as well as money and gold.

According to my research, most of that gold is apparently still out there buried near the old camps of the EDES and looking to be found.

So after having done all my preparatory research, I went ahead for step two of my quest and came up with an action plan. I gathered further information about any potential but very specific locations and their coordinates (via publicly accessible information from the city council as well as online pages such as, requested a few days off with my employer and packed my treasure hunting kit. As there were multiple different sites to be investigated in regards to potential EDES treasures, I didn't want to go alone. So I called a friend who is also a hobby treasurer and it didn't take long to convince him of my plan.

A few weeks later on a rainy Saturday morning, we jumped into the car and drove for a couple of hours into the Greek mountains. At around lunch time we finally reached the first potential site. We set up our detectors and started, but we didn't have much success. The next day we went to the second potential site, but again without any success. The same then happened with the third site and the fourth site. We were devastated! It seemed like trying to detect the treasures of the guerillas with our common metal detectors wouldn't yield any success at all.

So after this full week of treasure hunting without any success we went back home and did some more research - but this time not in regards to the treasures as we knew they were there, but in terms of appropriate gear. After extensive research on the internet we identified the German technology company called OKM to be the best fit for our purpose - finding buried treasures. They have been striving to deliver the world's best 3D detectors to treasure hunters from around the globe since 1998. Their patented 3D scan technology is the most accurate in the market and has helped to find treasures buried as deep as 25 meters underground.

We read the positive reviews and after a phone call with the company directly, we decided to invest into a professional 3D deep ground scanner.

In the subsequent months we drove out to the sites several more times - always for a couple of days. One Sunday evening right before we wanted to head back home, we drove out to one last abandoned site we had not been to before and it happened. After only 30 minutes at that site we made the finding we were hoping for since a long time: we found a wooden chest filled up with several gold bars.

Step by step we had explored the hardly passable terrain with our new OKM eXp detector for multifunctional subsurface detecting, perfect for treasure hunting, natural gold prospection and cavity detection. The eXp created a three-dimensional graphic of the underground surface for us. At some point, the device showed a larger anomaly at a depth of 4,50 m, which pointed to a metal target. We started digging and with great effort brought a metal chest to the surface. When we opened the chest, we could not believe our eyes: the chest was stacked with multiple gold bullions.

Even the local media and press reported about our impressive finding, like for example the American treasure hunting magazine "Lost Treasure". After our find many international journalists from various newspapers asked us for interviews and details but we preferred to not talk about it further as we do not want too many fellow treasure hunters to know where we hunt for treasures and which gear we use. Otherwise competition get’s too big and the likelihood of finding treasures gets too small.

Due to our successful treasure discovery I was able to quit my job, I paid off my mortgage and live a very relaxed life. Now I can go treasure hunting every week.

The indication on the box "Deutsche Luftwaffe" suggested that the find is indeed most probably part of the lost guerilla gold.

Since last year we are proud owners of the succeeding model eXp 4500.

Start your adventure of treasure hunting now as well and find hidden treasures with OKM detectors.

Become a successful treasure hunter: explore local history, experience outdoor adventures, discover lost relics and find legendary gold chests. This is the fascination of treasure hunting!

So what is OKM?

The German technology company OKM has been striving to deliver the world's best 3D detectors to treasure hunters from around the globe since 1998.

Their patented 3D scan technology is the most accurate in the market and has helped to find treasures buried as deep as 25 meters underground.

Why should I choose OKM treasure detectors?

HANDMADE IN GERMANY: developed, designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany.

22 YEARS EXPERTISE: trust in over two decades certified and world-leading 3D ground scan technology.

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: we offer risk-free shipping within 2 business days.

EXCLUSIVE SERVICE & SUPPORT: buy directly from OKM Germany and qualify for the exclusive service OKM Direct.

DETECTABLE OBJECTS: customers found natural gold minerals, treasure chests, statues, jewellery and militaria.

DETECTION DEPTH: OKM Detectors reach deeper than common metal detectors. Customers found objects up to 25 meters deep.

SPECIALIZED FUNCTIONS: use Ground Scan, Pinpointer, Magnetometer and Mineral Scan to detect desired objects more efficiently.

OKM offers treasure detectors for entry-level researchers, experienced treasure hunters and professionals.



This golden necklace was found in Macedonia from an OKM customer. It was located with the metal detecting device Rover C.


An amazing discovery was made in the United States by using an OKM device. A group of treasure hunters detected a buried brass canon filled with jewelleries and gemstones.


A sensational discovery was made by hobby archeologists in an area of the former Ottoman Empire: a golden wreath (crown) was found alongside many more valuable relics. Because of the integrated metal discrimination, the treasure hunters were able to confirm that the object was made out of gold.


There's nothing more satisfying than success, especially in terms of finding an ancient gold treasure. Yet another OKM customer from Turkey joined the group of lucky finders of legendary coin treasures. Using an OKM metal detector he detected the ancient Greek gold coin dating back to the 5th century BC in a depth of approx. 2.5 m (8.2 ft).


A treasure hunter, one of our esteemed customers, succeeded to discover a sensational treasure find. Close to the city of Shiraz in Iran he found a 1.1 m (3.6 ft) deep buried hoard of gold and silver coins.


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