OKM at the treasure hunters meeting in Röllbach, Germany

On 2nd and 3rd June 2000 the DBVS (Deutscher Bundesverband für Sagen- und Schatzforschung) organized a treasure hunters meeting in Röllbach in Germany, where our general manager Andreas Krauß demonstrated his new 3d ground scanner Future 2001. After inventing the predecessor Future 2000, Mr. Krauß experiments with new metal detection technologies to find buried targets deeper than common metal detectors.

During the treasure hunters meeting many interested treasure hunters, gold seekers and archaeologists visited the booth of the treasure hunting magazine “Striges” (Mr. Krauß’s former company that became OKM in 2001) to get the latest information regarding the metal detector and its 3d visualization software. From now on it is possible to scan the underground while seeing the graphical representation of buried objects at the same time. The software program takes the measured data and creates a three-dimensional representation of the underground and its embedded objects like coins, rings, artifacts and other treasure items.

Even a live field test was performed with the Future 2001 to demonstrate the detection capabilities of the new ground scanner and metal detector. Observed by the German television station SAT.1 an area with a buried concrete pipe was scanned with the Future 2001. The graphical evaluation not only confirmed the existence of the tube but also determined its actual depth information, which is one of the software’s special features.

Besides the demonstration of the Future 2001 metal detector many other activities were offered by the organizers. There was a flea market where the treasure hunters traded with used metal detecting equipment as well as treasure hunting magazines and books. The visitors got the opportunity to try gold panning and they used metal detectors to find hidden coins.