Gold field exploration with Black Hawk metal detector in Tanzania, Africa

In the summer of 2013, members of OKM Germany, our subsidiary OKM Emirates FZE from the United Arab Emirates and its local business partner Yazdanpanah Trading LLC traveled to Dar El Salaam in Tanzania (Africa) to meet the mining authorities of the country to discuss the development of gold mining in the region. The team took a Black Hawk pulse induction metal detector as well as a Rover C II to Africa to present its gold seeking capabilities.

Gold miners conference in Mwanza

After one day of meeting in Dar El Salaam, the journey continued to Mwanza for a conference with the local gold miners in the area. Even the local TV station was attending the meeting, where the Black Hawk metal detector and the Rover C II ground scanner were demonstrated to the audience. It was a good opportunity to present the features of our gold detectors and how those geophysical detection instruments could be used in local ground conditions to locate and explore the gold fields in Tanzania.

After exchanging gold mining knowledge, gold exploration theory and thoughts about gold seeking in general at the conference, everyone gathered again the next day to travel to the mining fields for physical testing and usage of the OKM gold detectors.

Practical gold exploration with Black Hawk metal detector and Rover C II ground scanner

Surrounded by many interested gold miners, mining company authorities, gold seekers and prospectors our team demonstrated the Black Hawk metal detector as well as the 3d ground scanner Rover C II under practical aspects and local soil conditions. The OKM team explained every detail like setting up the detectors, ground balancing the search coils and visualizing the measured results on screen or in 3d graphics on a laptop or Tablet PC with Visualizer 3D software.

Even the gold miners themselves were able to put hands on the gold detectors to use them accordingly. With very little effort, natural gold was found and the physical proof was given how to effectively search for gold deposits with OKM metal detectors Black Hawk and Rover C II.