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Détection des cavités

Vivez l'aventure, la fascination et l'histoire : La détection des cavités avec le détecteur approprié va au-delà de la chasse ...
14 Mai 2020


Les catacombes sont des cimetières souterrains. Les galeries souterraines avec des évidements pour les tombes sont typiques de la Rome ...
14 Mai 2020
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Treasure chests

Treasure chests are, in a certain sense, hollow spaces in which treasure hunters can find valuables.
14 Mai 2020


Arches are curved symmetrical building structures under bridges, roofs or walls. These old building structures often contain artefacts and valuable ...
14 Mai 2020
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Galleries and corridors provide an indication of the discovered type of building and allow suggestions about the position of interesting ...
14 Mai 2020
Treasure troves and chambers can be detected with OKM 3D Ground Scanners

Treasure trove

➤ Treasure troves supply a collection or store of valuable objects. Whether in castles and palaces or within the walls ...
14 Mai 2020
Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns

➤ Ghost towns are abandoned, uninhabited settlements. Typical ghost settlements consist of slowly decaying buildings. In the deserted places, numerous ...
14 Mai 2020
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Les lieux perdus

Découvrez la fascination de la redécouverte des sites historiques.
23 Avril 2020
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Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting means more than just digging up gold treasures, silver coins and ancient artifacts. Become part of the great ...
01 Novembre 2019